A long-suffering victory, but with a taste of glory.

This matchday 5 came with a very clear objective on the part of the local team, to get 3 points. In addition to all this objective, we had to add that it had to be achieved based on the style of play that is increasingly defining this young and talented team.

The match kicked off on a Saturday afternoon, an autumn afternoon that was beginning to show in the weather. Two evenly matched rivals in the standings were on the field, both looking to climb up to the comfortable part of the standings and start looking up. We remember that our team was coming from its 4 matches (victory, draw, defeat and tie) so we needed to return to taste the triumph that had not been given since the first day. The locals started with absolute control of the game and the ball, dominating in an organized attack channeled by accumulating many people on the inside and finding space on the outside. This resulted in the first chances of the match, with a one-on-one from our talented player Javi Lopez who was unable to beat the goalkeeper. With the game under control and trying to open the scoreboard, the unexpected happened, after an offensive set piece, the rival scored on the counterattack with the misfortune of the last man slipping who was keeping the team as a free man. After that blow, the team continued its line and confident that it would arrive, the chances continued but the goal did not come and after a rejection of the local goalkeeper’s fists, the visiting player drilled again the local goal making the 0-2 at 23 minutes of the game.

It was a very difficult match for our boys, who had no other choice but to use their courage and soccer for a comeback. With that mentality, we managed to go to the break with the score 1-2 after a very good combination between David and Lucas, Kitta adjusted the score to go to the break with a completely open game.

Our guys were on fire and it showed. The second half started with a winning mentality that was breathing in the atmosphere and as a result of this, and the good game played by the locals, who associated and understood each other, attracted the opponent with a short pass and found the “Killer” Javier López, to make the tie on the scoreboard, scoring first with absolute tranquility.

With this result Rumbo-Futedu wanted more and so they continued attacking and finding dangerous situations without being able to materialize any of them. Iván’s work of absolute attrition with the central defenders was paying off in terms of finding space behind the backs of his other offensive players.

After a great throw-in by Carlos, more like a perfect pass with his foot, left Javi Lopez against the goalkeeper who, after a rebound, scored his own brace and thus consummated the comeback of the afternoon with 15 minutes to go. The locals knew it was time to put on their overalls after what they had achieved and preserve the great treasure they had right now, and so it was, they stopped the game, defended well and achieved their objective.


Final 3-2 in a very complete match that after some defensive mistakes, which must be improved, is resolved in the best possible way.

A plus 3 that gives a lot of confidence for this weekend’s big game at the “La Viña” soccer field against an all-powerful Cheste.