A goalless draw that tastes of little.

This fourth matchday came with a great desire to make up for our boys who, for the third time in a row, played their game as visitors. It was time to clean up the image and ratify that the last game was a lapse in this team that must go from strength to strength.
So began Saturday afternoon, with the start of the match between two teams currently placed in mid-table and wanting to climb positions.

The Rumbo Futedu team put on the field, a system never used before to gain more defensive solidity and more collective play offensively, 1-3-4-3 with all this began to roll the ball and the visitors began to dominate the game with fluency and a totally different staging to last week, taking control of the game and thus began to arrive the chances.

Timid approaches that did not find that last pass but that made us think that with this line of play it would come.

The locals defended and tried to connect quickly with their attacking players, through a more direct attack, the result of which was a great shot from half distance that Sebas, goalkeeper of the Juvenil saved to the thousand wonders.

With many approaches but without finding the final pass, we went to the break with 0-0 on the scoreboard.

The second half was to have the same tone, with the visiting team insisting on their organized play and attacking the spaces on the wings when the rival allowed them to do so. The locals were more defending and trying to catch a counter or set piece than trying to get close to the opponent’s goal.

From a corner kick, masterfully taken by Carlos, the visiting team had the chance to take the lead, but it did not go into the back of the net, another approach by Víctor, who hit it very close to the post.

When the visiting team was trying to get the desired goal, the visiting team found more spaces and, on counterattack, could have scored the first of the afternoon but the defense arrived in a providential way. In the end, 0-0 on the scoreboard that does not satisfy anyone but adds a point to the box office.

It is worth mentioning the return of an important player for this team, Carlos Santos, who, coming from injury, was able to play his first 20 minutes of the season.
Good image left by our boys, but they need to improve in the final part of the field to materialize the match.