Clean slate and on to the next one ❌

This third day came with a match in a field and a centenary club “CD Casas” which celebrates its 100 years of history this year. Match played in a totally hostile environment, the only one or the only fields of earthen terrain that remains throughout the Valencian Community. A numerous rival fans, who came to see the weekly attraction and a distant displacement for our team, added to an opponent who had the ideas and the field in which they played very very clear, was too much to compete in a match that dominated the CD Casas from start to finish.

The first half began with a neutral domain, testing the field but the visiting team had 6 minutes of lucidity from minute 7 to minute 13 that was able to put a 3-0 on the scoreboard without yet the team led by Cristian De Luis and Santi Lopez settled on the field.
That was a very big burden for the team, which went from strength to strength and began to propose a different game from the initial idea with which they started out. Given that the size and experience of the visiting team won all the aerial duels that were on the field, the visiting team began to carburar and the result was the free kick that was kicked by the brand new signing of the team “Javier López” finishing the ball in the corner. 📐 the opposing team putting the score at 3-1. After this goal, the team came out on top and had several chances to reduce the gap on the scoreboard. A free kick by Carlos and a header by Víctor could have been a goal but did not find its way in. With the team feeling better, CD Casas was able to hold on and take advantage of a counterattack to make it 4-1 at halftime.
The second half started with some dominance by the visitors until the arrival of the 5-1 at the exit of a corner, a shot at the near post was missed by Sergi. After this goal, the team’s spirits dropped a lot, and they tried with more heart than head, to try a machada that was becoming impossible with the passing of the minutes and the rival goals, with a very bulky final result 7-1.

Tough defeat for our boys who must work hard this week to change the image given this weekend. We are sure that this is what will happen. 💪

Cheer up and keep working with enthusiasm and illusion.