To the final whistle!


This second day came with renewed illusions of our boys, after the great triumph of the previous week. The match began with the classic tentative, by the two teams, who could not find any of them, to create chances. As the minutes passed, the visiting team gained more control of the ball and tried to play inside, but without creating danger. While the clock was ticking, at the exit of a corner kick, the referee whistled for hands by one of our players, pointing to the penalty spot. Mario, goalkeeper of the Juvenil B team with a great save, guessed the side, but was unable to do anything to make the score 1-0.

The joy did not last long for the local team, because after a play of tiralíneas, our boys put the tie on the scoreboard. Perfect change of direction of our magic left foot “Carlos”, first pass from “David”, serving on a platter the goal for our Killer “Ivanchu”.

The score was 1-1 and, without many more chances, we went to the break.

After passing through the changing rooms, the visiting team was soon left with one player less due to the expulsion of our “10”. Even with this cold water pitcher, being the 4th minute of the second half, it did not take long for the penalty and Jony, just entered at halftime, put the 1-2 on the scoreboard, after a rebound that was left dead inside the area.

The game was going to be a long one for our boys, with more than 40 minutes to go, the team tactically positioned themselves well on the field and put on their overalls, knowing that it was going to be tough. The minutes passed and the locals began to press but without danger, when in the 60th minute, an isolated action, in an inside pass with a great definition, became the tie on the scoreboard 2-2. After this result the tone remained the same with the local team wanting to press and the visitors well planted, when a bad clearance of our defense was very well exploited by their striker who went ahead for the first time on the scoreboard, turning the match 3-2.

The boys continued to believe and moved up the field, when on a counterattack, the locals put the finishing touch with the 4-2. It looked as if the game was a foregone conclusion after “Xavi” was sent off for a double yellow in the 84th minute. The visitors were two men down and two goals down on the scoreboard, but this team never gives up and proof of this was that in the final minutes first Victor, from a penalty in the 89th minute, and Yousef after a corner kick in the 98th minute, put the scoreboard level and the explosion of all team members.

A golden point for the team, after the final score of 4-4.

We go into the mandatory rest break for the next day with a good taste in our mouths, after getting 4 points out of a possible 6.