Final burst over the bell

A thrilling match that took place on Saturday afternoon at the municipal of the old Turia riverbed. Two very young but very talented teams faced each other on the pitch, with different aspirations.

The locals came with up to 10 casualties (7 for not arriving the transfers of some of their international players and 3 players injured in this preseason) with all that against them, the Rumbo-Futedu took a very competitive 11 and, that was not going to make it easy, to a rival aspiring to EVERYTHING. The home team started with an approach of blocking inside lanes and choking the opponent on the ball, after a good tactical disposition.

After the first few minutes, the first big chance came from the local captain, Danielle, who, after a great cross from “the magic left foot”, Carlos connected with the ball, with a header that went wide. The locals then had another great chance, from Ivanchu, who, after stealing the ball, almost scored the first goal on Saturday afternoon.

The game was back and forth but without a clear dominator, and as happens on these occasions, the match was unequal, with a stroke of genius of one of its important men, Carlos, saw the goalkeeper badly placed, in a lateral free kick and placed the ball in a masterful way at the near post. The euphoria was coming in the municipal packed with local fans, with the 1-0 on the scoreboard.

Our team’s joy was short-lived when, after a few minutes, following a turnover in midfield and a good combination of Aldaia, the visiting team tied the match with a shot to the far post.

With this score 1-1 we went to the break.

At the restart, the script was to be very similar, a tactically well-placed team against a team that wanted to come in with a combinative game. Cristian, the local coach, brought on the youth players from the bench, hoping for a revolution, which soon arrived. When, after a great change of direction by Carlos, David made an individual individual play, leaving the ball to “Jony”, a youth player who was making his debut with the first team, putting the ball into the net debut with the first team, putting the ball into the net to make it 2-1. 2-1 on the scoreboard.

The game continued and a cross to the far post was well connected by the Aldaia player who put the score at 2-2.

The game was broken, it was crazy and that madness was very good for Rumbo-Futedu that, after a great play on the left flank, the referee called hands and conceded, what could be the icing on the cake for the home team. Ivanchu pulled out all the stops and, in the 90th minute, took on the responsibility of “killing” the game and, with nothing weighing on him, made it 3-2, making the fans explode, who saw how the first 3 points stayed at home, after the final whistle, to give a great joy to all their supporters.