Great work by the team that continues to make progress every day.


The match began with a dominance by our JC11 Academy, making very good ball starts and overcoming the first line of pressure, but needed a little bit of clarity in 3/4. Little by little we are getting into the game, and we are having more presence in the opponent’s area, while we perfectly control the offensive transitions of Carlet. Jorge, with a good free kick, scored the first goal and we went to the break with an advantage.

In the second half, we were able to adapt and read their change in pressing very well and we were able to come out well and build plays from the back. Finally, Diest, with a splendid free kick, scored the second and, Ximo, after a good breakaway and a very good ball behind Asier’s back, got the third.

The mentality of the JC11 Academy team was ideal, following their line of organized play channeled with the ball and intense pressure after a loss. The players competed, enjoyed themselves and got a good result against a good team.

Our base is to form great people who play and develop soccer at the highest possible level and being aware that in this sport the most important thing in this formative stage will never be the result.

From Futedu we will always try to promote educational and formative habits above the competitive result of any match. It is our responsibility as trainers and educators to use this sport to help children in their personal and sporting growth, at all times we will give our best version as educators, we are wrong and / or right but we will always try to learn to help children.