Very complete game of our academy, which goes without a reward, after a great work.


The match began with the Academy dominating the field, which continues to improve, despite playing all its matches on a small field, in its collective creative play in all phases of the field.

The left flank generated a lot of danger, with an unbalanced Álvaro. The opposing team did a great job defensively, well positioned and with high pressure to prevent the ball from coming out clearly. The first half ended with the initial score 0-0.

The second half started with more dominance from the visitors and more daring from their players, who had several chances to take the lead from the boots of their attacking players. All their players worked hard to generate chances, but were unable to convert them. As the second half reached its halfway point, an erroneous ball out of the Academy would be very well exploited by 380, beating the goalkeeper and putting the 1-0 on the scoreboard. After that unexpected goal, the Academy got down to work to solve the problem, but they were unsuccessful, there were chances and they played soccer, but they lacked the sauce of soccer “the goal”.

With that result, the game came to an end and, without deserving it, JC11 Academy left without scoring in this great match.

A mentality and personality of the whole team, which continues to amaze all the fans, being one of the few teams that wants to propose a channeled organized attack, instead of being result-oriented and focusing on not making mistakes, something that is seen in almost all the teams in this great tournament. Courage and personality that will take these guys far, we have no doubt that they will continue in this line that in the end everything has its result.

Our base is to form great people who play and develop soccer at the highest possible level and being aware that in this sport the most important thing in this formative stage will never be the result.

From Futedu we will always try to promote educational and formative habits above the competitive result of any match. It is our responsibility as trainers and educators to use this sport to help children in their personal and sporting growth, at all times we will give our best version as educators, we are wrong and / or right but we will always try to learn to help children.