We closed the tournament with a competitive and hard-fought match until the end.


The match started with a neutral dominance and both teams establishing themselves on the field, Elite Performance gradually took possession of the ball and maintained more possession than our JC11 academy. They were pressing well up front and it was difficult for us to get the ball out from the back, as we had been doing throughout the tournament. Therefore, we tried to adopt a more direct attack, to build up play in the opponent’s half. Before halftime, after a set piece, Elite Performance took the lead and we went 1-0 down in the first half. In the second half, we tried to adapt a little better to their pressing, but we were not quite right and, in a good offensive transition, they put the second on the scoreboard. Our Academy does not stop fighting, and does not leave the game at any time. As a result of that fight, and after a good pressure, Ximo steals, in the opponent’s field, and cuts the deficit to 2-1. At the end, with the team looking for the tie, a counterattack of theirs, put the third and the final 3-1 that leaves us out of the tournament.

The mentality of the JC11 Academy team was ideal, adapting to the different requirements of the game and believing until the end. We would like to highlight the hunger of the players and their progression throughout the tournament where they have enjoyed this beautiful experience at all levels.

Our base is to form great people who play and develop soccer at the highest possible level and being aware that in this sport the most important thing in this formative stage will never be the result.

From Futedu we will always try to promote educational and formative habits above the competitive result of any match. It is our responsibility as trainers and educators to use this sport to help children in their personal and sporting growth, at all times we will give our best version as educators, we are wrong and / or right but we will always try to learn to help children.